Will the new SolChicks token $CHICKS follow the explosive trend of the AXIE $AXS? — Whitelist privileges and burning questions answered

3 min readNov 20, 2021

How is SolChicks better than other P2E games?

Unlike Axie Infinity, you won’t just be playing to earn but can also gain a refreshing and real-time 3D combat experience. No project in Solana nor in the P2E landscape is mounting this attention to detail and live-action battles. Just check out our game demo!

Compared to Axie, SolChicks is built on the Solana blockchain instead of Ethereum. It uses a sophisticated algorithm named the “Proof-of-History” method that enables the blockchain to store data in chronological order. This gives Solana the superior position of aligning and creating smart contracts that are more robust, faster and with less fees when compared to Ethereum.

We have secured partnerships with blue-chip cryptocurrency companies like Chainlink, Brave Browser, and more. We are also working closely with 0xPlay, a blue-chip game development team from Korea and the same team that brought us timeless classics such as Maplestory, Next Hero, Kart Rider and Guardian Chronicles!

5,400 SolChicks have already been successfully minted after two rounds of sale on September 16th and October 12th 2021 at a floor price of 3 SOL. The pre-sale was sold out in 1 minute and the official sale in 25 minutes! SolChicks is already listed on all 5 Solana secondary exchanges with SolChicks actively trading in the market.

The SolChicks team prides itself on being fully transparent with all holders. Our 70+ doxxed person team is global (from 19 different countries) and the LinkedIn profiles are publicly available on the SolChicks website. Each team member is the best in his field, and recruitment is only beginning.

Our active community of 65k+ Discord members (https://discord.gg/solchicks) have also shown strong support for $CHICKS and the upcoming SolChicks game.

Which launchpads are involved that are also investing in this IDO?

We are live on Lightning launchpad, Trustpad, NFTPad (TrustPad), Samurai Cyberfi, TruePnL Launchpad, MetaPlay (PolyPlay) and CoinxPad…essentially the BIGGEST coin launch ever! Of the total public raise, we will allocate a proportion of this to each launchpad for them to offer to their members. Being on the whitelist in our IDO (public sale) is also where you can get $CHICKS tokens!

Where can I ask questions and find out more? How do you select who’s on the whitelist?

The best place to be is our telegram account: https://t.me/solchicksNFT

The IDO for $CHICKS will start on Nov 26th 2021 and the whitelist will close any time soon! It will be a fixed supply of 10 billion tokens only!

Due to excessive demand, we are prioritising our community members to become eligible for the exclusive whitelist. Unfortunately as of now we had to closed the 2 top tiers of our whitelist, so we are down to the last 2 only. So pay very close attention to the below 2 tiers that you are still able to quality for*!

*Note that any fake invites will automatically exclude you from the below.

Tier 3: Priority Whitelist

​Benefits: Guaranteed allocation to the $CHICKS public sale

Requirements: At least 5 Telegram invites OR owner of at least 1 SolChicks NFT (not listed on a secondary market)

Individual hard cap: US$ 2,000

Limits: All qualified individuals will be given WL spots

Vesting: 25% TGE Unlock, 3 months linear vesting

Tier 4: Regular Whitelist

Benefits: Guaranteed allocation to the $CHICKS public sale

Requirements: Register your details on our website (note that registering does not mean you will automatically get a whitelist spot)

Individual hard cap: US$ 500

Limits: 1,000 people (1,000 slots will be raffled from gleam registrations)

Vesting: 25% TGE Unlock, 3 months linear vesting

How will I know if I qualify? How much is it per token?

After you have qualified you will be notified by email. The $CHICKS tokens are $0.05 USD each.

SolChicks is progressing rapidly every day. Join our communities below to stay up to date with the latest news and updates.

Join the #SolChicksFam:

📫 Telegram: https://t.me/solchicksnft

🎮 Discord: https://discord.gg/solchicks

🌲 Social Media: https://linktr.ee/SolChicksNFT

Game Mechanics | Whitepaper | Pitch Deck: https://www.solchicks.io/papers