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Greetings SolChicks fam!

Today we wanted to officially introduce our parent company, Catheon Gaming, and explain how they help us (the SolChicks team) deliver value to the community! We have been very excited to officially announce this partnership for some time… and the time has finally come! Secondly, at SolChicks, we have never wanted to just be a small blockchain project, so we are also excited to introduce the deep bench of industry experience that has joined our team in the last few weeks.

Catheon Gaming’s mission is to become the “Steam” of blockchain by incubating a portfolio of the highest quality games, with SolChicks as its first and flagship game title. To be the “Steam” of blockchain games, they are working on the Catheon Gaming Center (“CGC”) platform, which will be a platform where users can find and download the best and hottest blockchain games, mint NFTs and participate in IDOs, and swap currencies from one to another.

Other game titles that currently sit within the Catheon ecosystem include Seoul Stars, a K-pop themed “Sing-to-Earn” game, Angrymals, a fully developed physics-based tactical game released on iOS and Android, and Voyage in Paradise, an exclusive DJ experience. There are several other exciting projects currently in development that will contribute to the blockchain gaming ecosystem that we are building.

We are incredibly excited about SolChicks’ partnership with Catheon as it delivers the following benefits to the SolChicks community;

  1. SolChicks will be the flagship product of the Catheon Gaming Center platform, which will provide a pathway for players of other game titles to find and discover SolChicks. Think of SolChicks on the front page of the “Steam” of blockchain — great visibility and exposure to a wider audience.
  2. SolChicks community members will be granted access to experience and enjoy other game titles within the Catheon gaming ecosystem, with expected long-term interoperability between titles and exclusive SolChicks advantages to be announced.
  3. Access to the entire Catheon team and their technical, gaming and marketing expertise.
    As an example, through leveraging the experience of the Seoul Stars team, we improved and automated our outreach efforts, whilst we improved our blockchain integration with support from the Angrymals team.
    This is similar to how a major gaming company, such as Blizzard, drives significant improvement across a number of game titles by having a standardized and “best practices” framework.
  4. Ability to leverage Catheon’s shared services functions, including accounting, legal, and Human Resources. This wealth of experience will provide additional support to each of the independent teams that work exclusively on their respective game titles, ultimately improving operations and processes across the broader ecosystem.
  5. Access to best-in-class tools and infrastructure that would not otherwise be accessible to Catheon’s individual game titles. In the last few weeks, how we operate at SolChicks has benefited from company wide implementation of programs such as Sprinklr (for social media management) and Greenhouse (for human resources management).
  6. Ability to incorporate intellectual property and technology from other games as we seek to continue the expansion of SolChicks. For example, we are currently looking into potentially using the metaverse technology that another game title is using to create and improve upon the SolChicks metaverse .
  7. Oversight from a world-class Board of Directors with industry veterans who are the leaders and pioneers in their fields such as blockchain, gaming, marketing, and operations. More details on the Catheon board will be announced shortly.

In summary, the Catheon partnership provides SolChicks with invaluable resources to execute on its core mission: deliver an unparalleled blockchain gaming experience to the widest possible audience.

At SolChicks, we have never wanted to just be a small blockchain project. We are excited to announce that over the last two months we have significantly expanded our team, adding a wealth of experience. We now have a team of over 150 people with extensive gaming, blockchain, and operations experience which will significantly benefit SolChicks over the long-term. These new additions position SolChicks and Catheon Gaming as one of the only blockchain gaming studios of scale, with deep expertise across a number of industry verticals.

Some of the highly experienced executives that have joined our team in the last few weeks include:

Senior Gaming Executives:

  • Daniel Chou (Executive Vice President) has 15 years of experience in the gaming industry and has previously worked with some of the world’s largest studios, including Zynga, Sega, and Playstudios. Daniel held roles as Head of Remote Global Teams for Playstudios Asia, Founder at Tappy Yoka games, and Director at Oasis Interactive Design. Daniel is a serial entrepreneur and an advocate for diverse, fully-distributed work methodology, and he has been able to scale up large, high-performing development teams across the globe. Daniel is currently leading the development of the SolChicks universe of games.
  • James Wu (Head of China, Senior Vice President) has 16 years experience in the gaming industry. James was previously General Manager of the Cloud Gaming Division of China Electronics Group, CEO & Founder of SUBOR (小霸王) Advanced Technology Co., Ltd., Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer of FUZE Technology, and Team Product Director & Content Strategy Manager for Microsoft XBOX China. James has an extensive global network in the gaming industry, including relationships with major publishers and developers in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.
  • Edmund Shen (Game Design Lead) has 15 years experience in the gaming industry, most notably working on Tad Williams Otherland MMO, Gumi Brave Frontier, Disney’s Big Hero 6, Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, and goGame, a subsidiary of Sega, where Edmund held the title of Head of Game Design. Edmund’s expertise is in game mechanics and he is responsible for the evaluation and publishing of new gaming projects.
  • Patrick Chu (Vice President) is a long-time gamer who has worked in the industry since 2005. Patrick co-founded Tilt, the indie games publisher, as well as worked on distribution deals for Borderlands 1 & 2, Fallout 3 & 4, and Fallout Shelter.

Operations and Process Excellence:

  • Thomas Seymour (Senior Vice President of Operations) is a 20 year veteran of the banking industry having held a variety of roles that covered sales, client management and strategy. He is a crypto enthusiast with a strong passion for digital assets and decentralization. Tom leads Catheon’s regional expansion strategy, is the Country Head of Singapore as well as an Operations lead.
  • Casey Barr (Vice President of Operations) joins Catheon from EY, where he worked as a Management Consultant focused on technology and transformation. Casey holds a First Class Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of East Anglia.
  • Victoria Sing (Vice President of Operations) is an avid gamer with global experience across investment banking and technology companies. She commenced her career at Credit Suisse and subsequently joined Uber Eats as their Head of West London, where she was responsible for the operational and financial performance of her region. She also worked across multiple facets of the broader UK business (including: operations, marketing, sales, data science, product, support, and strategy). Since then, Victoria has worked as a generalist in various finance and technology companies.

Marketing, Partnerships, and Communications:

  • Charles Liu (Global Head of Partnerships) joins Catheon after a long stint with Nvidia, where he held several roles, including the APAC Esports lead and APAC Campaign Marketing Manager.
  • Phoebe Lee (Director of Partner Success) has extensive cross-industry experience covering mobile gaming, and entertainment & hospitality, where she held roles at Playstudios Asia, Marina Bay Sands, Hyatt Group and New World China.
  • Liam Bussell (Global Head of Content and Communications) has 20 years experience in marketing and communications where he worked with blockchain companies on their IPO process. Liam played a key role in listing companies on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Toronto Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ.
  • Karen Tang (Global Communications Manager) joins Catheon with a wealth of communications experience developed both in-house and with agencies. Karen most recently worked for Grosvenor and Pink Tiger Media in Hong Kong. Prior to this, Karen held roles at Hill+Knowlton Strategies and FTI Consulting Strategic Communications.
  • Rachel Cheung (Communications & PR Regional Lead — EMEA) joins Catheon after co-founding JOYO, a travel sharing startup featured by both CNBC & Financial Times. Rachel has significant experience having held senior roles with major global organizations such as Huobi, Melco and Prudential.

Blockchain / Development:

  • Danny Wang (Head of Product) Danny joins Catheon Gaming after 12 years at HP Enterprise. Danny has extensive experience both in Cryptocurrencies and VR, having previously been the CTO of a DeFi company and senior product lead at a large cryptocurrency exchange. Danny holds an MBA from UC Berkeley.
  • Walter Huang (Lead Frontend Engineer) Walter joins Catheon after stints as Lead Frontend Engineer at CEXISWAP, a DEX founded by the CTO of Thunder Core. Walter also has over 6 years experience as a full stack software engineer specializing in NodeJS.
  • Andrey Khalepov (Blockchain Engineer Lead) Andrey comes to Catheon with 20 years experience as a veteran software engineer. Previously Andrey was the backend engineer at LaTOKEN. He is an expert in NextJS, Solana, Rust and C languages.

The Catheon Gaming blockchain team supports the individual game development teams, such as 0xPlay, which currently has a team of 25 developers working exclusively on SolChicks. Catheon’s highly experienced team helps select the blockchain platforms most suited for each of the individual game titles within the Catheon gaming ecosystem.

We are incredibly excited to deliver this news to the SolChicks Community, and we look forward to an amazing 2022. There are exciting times that lie ahead for the blockchain gaming industry as a whole, and we are excited to have built the structural foundations that will support the position of both SolChicks and Catheon as market leaders in the years to come.

If you are interested about Catheon Gaming, go to catheongaming.com.

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