The ultimate guide (for noobs!) to buying $CHICKS on Raydium

Be the one to get in FIRST!

Our $CHICKS coins will be listed on Raydium, our DEX partner, starting from 6th December, 2021. As long as you have sol in your sol wallet, you will be eligible to swap on Raydium for $CHICKS!

DEX (decentralized exchanges) might be new to some compared to CEX (centralized exchanges) like Binance, but DEX can actually enable crypto traders to directly convert one digital asset for another directly with all transactions viewable on the blockchain. Users can also remain anonymous and retain control over their funds while trading, hence it’s often times a more preferred tool for trading crypto.

If you still don’t have any sol or a sol wallet set up, be sure to follow all the steps on our website. For just a quick guide to buying $CHICKS on Raydium, please follow the below guide or check out our video tutorial. Leave us a comment down below if you still have any questions!

1. Go to Raydium Swap and connect your Solana wallet


2. Connect to your wallet

3. Check your wallet connection

4. Open your wallet and click “Manage Token”

Note: $CHICKS has not been listed yet

5. Select $CHICKS as the receiving token type

Note: $CHICKS has not been listed yet

6. Swap Sol for $CHICKS


7. Confirm your swap transaction

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