Strategic Partnership with SolChicks — Altura

2 min readDec 31, 2021

Dear SolChicks fam,

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Altura, a Binance Smart Chain based NFT marketplace for buying, selling, and sending NFTs. Altura aims to bring together gaming, blockchain, and NFTs to its community of over 70 thousand holders.

About Altura

Altura is a smart contract platform that facilitates the minting, distribution, and transaction of Smart NFTs that function as in-game items. Altura has a combined market cap exceeding US$88 million of Smart NFTs in its ecosystem. Smart NFTs are NFTs with dynamic properties that have variable features depending on conditions, providing the next level of innovation beyond existing NFTs and catapulting the mainstream adoption of decentralised in-game items.

SolChicks NFTs will be available in Altura’s marketplace, and with the leveraging of Altura’s smart contract technology into the SolChicks metaverse, we are confident in offering the SolChicks community the next generation smart NFTs.

The SolChicks team is delighted to be partnering with Altura! We look forward to building the future of NFTs with Altura to give you a dynamic adventure within the SolChicks metaverse.

About SolChicks

SolChicks is the fastest growing and largest P2E in the Solana ecosystem, with a team of over 70 members, including a blue-chip game development team who have previously brought to market titles such as MapleStory, PUBG, Dungeon Fighter and Tera, and a business management team from institutions such as Wharton and McKinsey & Company.

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