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Dear SolChicks fam,

We’re proud to announce that $CHICKS tokens will be listed on on the 7th of January 2022. is a top rated digital currency trading platform with a daily trading volume of US$12 billion, with over 1000 currencies available for trading.

About was founded in 2013, with the mission of providing a safe and hassle-free cryptocurrency trading experience for its community of over 80 million users based in more than 224 countries world wide.’s core values of “safe”, “fast”, “stable”, and “reliable” align with our beliefs at SolChicks, and together we will strive to deliver top tier experiences to our shared community. has been providing users with listings of crypto assets that are of quality and provide investors with high rates of returns. offers a diverse range of services including leveraged trading, leveraged ETF, futures trading, quantitative trading, hold to earn interest, and secured loans to serve the needs of diverse investors with different portfolio needs.

The SolChicks team is thrilled to be partnering with to offer a comprehensive and safe trading experience for the SolChicks community to participate in the trading of our $CHICKS tokens.

About SolChicks

SolChicks is the fastest growing and largest P2E in the Solana ecosystem, with a team of over 70 members, including a blue-chip game development team who have previously brought to market titles such as MapleStory, PUBG, Dungeon Fighter and Tera, and a business management team from institutions such as Wharton and McKinsey & Company.

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