SolChicks is Hosting its First Treasure Hunt with OVR.

2 min readNov 16, 2021

The team at SolChicks is ecstatic to announce its latest partnership with OVR and the launch of SolChicks’ first AR treasure hunt. Collectors can explore physical locations to find SolChicks in the wild and earn points to compete for various prizes, not limited to SolChicks NFTs, $CHICKS tokens and cash prizes!

Leaderboard Prizes

#1 | $1000 in Solana + 1 SolChick NFT + VIP Whitelist

#2 | $500 in Solana + 1 SolChick NFT + VIP Whitelist

#3 | $250 in Solana + 1 SolChick NFT + VIP Whitelist

#4–20 | $50 in Solana + Priority Whitelist

#21–200 |ONE lucky hunter picked by Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) wins $500 + 1 SolChicks NFT + VIP Whitelist.

Participate in the OVR treasure hunt to earn a SolChick to enter the Solverse. SolChicks can battle against other SolChicks or co-op together to defeat beasts and bosses that threaten their home. Victorious players are rewarded with $CHICKS and other valuable battle spoils which can be traded in the in-game marketplace.

Download the OVR app to play:

About OVR

OVR is revolutionizing the augmented reality sector. Users are able to utilise any mobile device or smart glasses to create an interactive AR experience tailored to their current GPS position. The goal is to merge the physical and virtual world into a metaverse where everything is possible. The overarching concept allows users to develop 3D content in the metaverse, own the space where it is hosted in the form of an NFT, and place it in any corresponding location in the world.

OVR has targeted play-to-earn as a foundational component of the metaverse. The first P2E implementation on OVR was a Pokemon-Go style treasure hunt which saw over 1 million physical locations explored by hunters. OVR is revolutionizing the way people interact with the world around them. The OVR Unity Plugin will allow future projects to create complex games on the AR Metaverse and reward players who can play using OVR’s game-changing scan-to-earn feature.

Make sure to check out OVR and participate in the SolChicks treasure hunt. You can earn just by playing and will be in the running for major prizes. Happy hunting!