SolChicks Game Development Update: Mini Game and Breeding

6 min readMar 30, 2022


Hi SolChicks fam,

Introducing “Dungeon Escape”, the first ever play-to-earn (P2E) game to go live on Solana! Dungeon Escape will be live to play at 2pm (UTC) on 31st March 2022.

Dungeon Escape is a P2E mini game, where our brave SolChick explorer tries to collect treasures while avoiding deadly traps. Dungeon Escape was developed separately from the main RPG SolChicks game, which we have been producing in parallel without interruption (with a separate team).

Along with the launch of Dungeon Escape, we will roll out two other new features in the SolChicks ecosystem — the $SHARDS token (#435003), and the NFT breeding system (launch of breeding system will be in mid to late April). We will also be giving more details on the breeding system in this post.

Development of the main RPG SolChicks game has also been progressing well, and we are on track to release the Alpha version as scheduled. Prior to the release of the Alpha version, we will continue posting visual updates of the game development and publish an updated game mechanics paper.

Mini Game — Dungeon Escape

Dungeon Escape will be play-to-earn, meaning players will be able to earn the new $SHARDS tokens if they play with their SolChicks NFTs. The primary purpose of launching the mini game is to allow SolChicks NFT holders to start utilizing their SolChicks to play and earn $SHARDS tokens in the lead up to the main RPG SolChicks game with full play-to-earn integration, which will be launched later this year. $SHARDS tokens are required for breeding new SolChicks NFTs and will be used in various game mechanics such as upgrading weapons in the main game.

We’ve built a framework and some simple rules for the game below. Please read them before you play to maximize your returns and of course, your enjoyment!

How to Play

  • “Dungeon Escape” mini game is a web-based game, and access to the game link can be acquired by going through a Gleam campaign. You can find the link to the Gleam campaign on our official website when the game is live (
  • Once you have completed the necessary steps and acquired access to enter the game, you can either (a) link your Solana wallet that contains your SolChicks NFTs to play the game and earn $SHARDS, or (b) play the game for fun without an NFT in the practice mode, in which case you won’t be able to earn $SHARDS.
  • Once your wallet is linked to the game, you will be asked to select one NFT to play the game, and each attempt will cost you one “Energy” point. Each NFT’s Energy points will be reset to five at 12am UTC every day.

Game & Earning Mechanics

  • The controls in the mini game are simple — character movements are done with just the arrow keys on the keyboard, and do not require the mouse.
  • The objective of the mini game is for your character to travel as far as possible and acquire coins on the way while evading various obstacles. The final amount earned will be determined by the distance traveled and the number of coins acquired by the player.
  • The overall rarity (e.g., Uncommon, Rare etc.) of the NFT used will increase the number of $SHARDS earned. The NFT’s traits will confer players with in-game advantages and bonuses (e.g., HP, time limit and movement speed).
  • Players will be able to claim the earned $SHARDS from the game and transfer them to their wallets by clicking on the “Rewards” button in the game interface.
  • $SHARDS will initially be traded on Raydium, and will be subsequently listed on other exchanges to be announced (visit for contract address information)
  • Rewards may be adjusted according to the team’s discretion as we balance the game’s difficulty.


Players with two SolChicks NFTs will be able to breed a new SolChicks NFT on our official website by paying a requisite fee of a combination of $CHICKS and $SHARDS tokens. We are targeting to launch the NFT breeding function by mid to late April.


  • Breeding of two NFTs will yield an Egg NFT which will hatch into a new SolChicks NFT (the Egg NFT will be destroyed in the process) after a few days. The Egg NFT will also be tradeable on the secondary marketplaces.
  • The new SolChicks NFTs will be minted with a chance to roll each trait of each parent 15% of the time regardless of the rarity of each trait of the parent (15% if the parent NFT is one of the Gen0 NFTs, which will decrease gradually for later generations so as to control the overall rarity distribution of the NFTs).
  • For the other 70% chance (100% — 15% — 15% = 70%), each of the new SolChicks NFT’s traits will be determined based on the general rarity distribution as shown in the “Attributes” page in our official website.
  • Only Gen0 NFTs, being the genesis collection, will have overall rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, etc.). All subsequent newborn SolChicks NFTs (Gen1 and beyond) will not have overall rarities. The earning rate for all non-genesis NFTs will be uniform, at a rate that is slightly lower or equal to the Common Gen0 NFTs.
  • Each NFT will be able to breed a maximum of 7 times, referred to as Breeding Count which will be shown in the NFT’s metadata.
  • NFT breeding will be subject to the Family Rule where NFTs with the same parents (either one of the parents) cannot breed with each other. Furthermore, an NFT cannot breed with either of its parents.
  • The Gen of the new NFT will always be one higher than that of the parent with the higher Gen. That means that if breeding occurs between a Gen 1 and another Gen 1, the resulting NFT will be Gen 2, but if the breeding occurs between a Gen 1 and a Gen 3, the resulting NFT will be Gen 4.

Cost Structure

  • As mentioned above, both $CHICKS and $SHARDS will be required to breed new SolChicks NFTs. Our initial principle of the breeding cost structure is as described below for the near-term, but we may modify this in the future. Rest assured that any modification to the core cost structure to the breeding system will be made in a transparent manner and will not be made lightly.
  • The cost of breeding will scale according to the parents’ generation (Gen) and Breeding Count. To explain further:
    1. Breeding with Gen1 NFTs will be more expensive than breeding with Gen0 NFTs, breeding with Gen2 NFTs will be more expensive than breeding with Gen1 NFTs, and so on
    2. Breeding with NFTs with 1 Breeding Count will be more expensive than breeding with 0 Breeding Count (i.e., the NFT has never been used for breeding), breeding with NFTs with 2 Breeding Count will be more expensive than breeding with 1 Breeding Count, and so on
  • We will continuously be adjusting the required number of $CHICKS and $SHARDS tokens for breeding so as to loosely stabilize the floor price of Gen0 SolChicks NFTs.

The SolChicks team is very much looking forward to the launch of our Dungeon Escape mini game and for our community to start experiencing the utility of their SolChicks NFTs. We assure you that we have never been distracted from our ultimate goal of creating the premium P2E ecosystem. We continue to stay community and user focused, and sincerely hope that you will have as much fun playing the Dungeon Escape mini game as we have.


The Game Development Team

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