SolChicks Game Development Update: Game Systems

Hi SolChicks fam,

For the fourth post of our SolChicks development blog, we would like to showcase the latest progress with regards to the core game systems. Our design objective is to create a fantasy RPG world that is immersive and fun, and we have spent a lot of time progressing the design of the game systems and UX which we would like to share in this installment.

Let’s dive in!

SolChick Account

We envision that each player will have an account where they can load multiple SolChicks NFTs into. This would make it such that players can accrue all their rewards through this single account which makes for a seamless player experience.

Mission System

The mission system is a way for players to passively unlock achievements as they progress through the core of the game. Missions will be divided into Daily, Weekly, and Main mission objectives.

  • Daily and Weekly missions will be reset every day or every week, and once completed in a given period, the player cannot re-complete the objective until it resets.
  • Main missions will be one-time missions and will not be reset (such as defeating the chapter 1 boss monster, defeating 100 monsters in total, etc.).
  • There will be one list of missions for each saved account, meaning all missions will be shared across all SolChick NFT characters and imported to the saved account.

Mailbox (Reward) System

With missions comes rewards. The mailbox is where players receive rewards, presents, or various notices from the SolChicks development team as they complete milestones and content in the game. There will be one mailbox for each account, meaning the user would obtain and store all rewards in that account regardless of the characters that had earned the rewards. This also means that the player will need to carefully allocate the rewards to each character in the account.

SolChick NFTs

The core experience for any player would be the building of the SolChick characters in-game and we have had in-depth design discussions with 0xPlay on the final design, as such design decisions carry significant gameplay implications. At a core level, we have decided to make the SolChick NFTs more meaningful, reflecting the time and effort and that the player has put into them. This means fundamentally improving the SolChick NFTs such that character level, stats and elemental attributes will be attached and dynamically updated to the SolChicks NFTs’ on-chain attributes. Each SolChick NFT will now be unique beyond just their traits, with more depth and complexity to distinguish between NFTs which have been adventured or new born level 1 fledglings. This would also present more opportunities for players to monetise their time and effort in the game as well as allow newer players to get into the game quickly without having to go through a long grind. Furthermore, we are adding an elemental system which is determined by the NFT background trait. The elemental attributes will play a large role in determining battle outcomes and strategies and we will be dedicating a future blog post to this topic.

SolChick Stats Revamp

We have also done a lot of design work how core stats will be used in the game. The stats systems has evolved significantly from the original game mechanics paper (comprehensive update currently in progress!). As mentioned in our previous AMAs, stats will play a key role as one of the main determinants of a SolChick’s power level. There will be three types of stats which will affect combat outcomes in SolChicks (up from two) in order to create depth and breadth in character customization. A core design philosophy we have is to discourage having a small number of “strongest builds” and instead to encourage there to be greater diversity and experimentation to have a healthy metagame evolution and cycles.

Primary stats will be the core determinant of your SolChick’s power level and will be primarily gained through levelling of the SolChicks NFT (with very minor bonus from some of the NFT attributes) and will be further enhanced by equipment which are equipped to the character in the game.

There are six primary stats as shown in the below image (Stamina, Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Mentality and Resistance). Each primary stat will affect all the corresponding secondary stats, which makes primary stats powerful and sought after. These primary stats affect various secondary stats as in the below table.

For players looking for more radical builds, they could also look for items which can help them stack particular secondary stats through specific upgrades. We are designing items that enable styles of play where players make meaningful sacrifices to achieve their builds and dominate their battles. No player should have characters which have maxed out on every single secondary stat.

To push build diversity to the limit, we have also designed tertiary stats for the true min-maxing player that can only be increased with accessory equipment or rare enchantments such as critical attack chance, critical attack damage, evasion chance, attack speed and movement speed and many other fun effects which you can uncover.

In short, the stat system is designed with the “easy to learn, difficult to master” philosophy we have always emphasised on our blog. The primary stats would be a “big stat”, where if players master their understanding of it and allocate the primary stats in a logical manner, they would already be able to play the game with a clear understanding. As an extension for mid- and hard-core players, players will be able to further customise their SolChicks secondary stats to get even more out of the game. We believe that through this system, we can truly achieve a fun experience for the players while slowly easing players into the complexity of the game.

Equipment System Update

We briefly touched on the equipment system in our first blog post and are excited to share the additional progress we have made.

First and foremost, before going to the details of the system design, we have had to solve an issue. As we are using cute, adorable chicks as characters, the biggest issue is how do we make them logically wield a weapon. The cleanest way of achieving this was to make the SolChicks more anthropomorphic in game without compromising on its style and feel. To this end, we have added hand-like wings to the character models in the game to allow them to hold weapons as shown in the above image (I bet you didn’t notice this until I told you!). This way, characters can have dynamic motions in the game — be it swinging a sword or casting a spell — rather than just waving their beaks (which also impedes their ability to speak).

Jokes aside, we have mapped out the equipment slots and classes and the key stats which the equipment is designed to provide. Each equipment will increase the secondary stats by certain points depending on its rarity and level. Each weapon may also increase the primary stats by certain points (in addition to increasing certain secondary stat points) depending on the weapon’s rarity and level.

Closing Words

As usual, we want to reiterate how blessed the team here feels to have the opportunity to build this game and be part of this wonderful community. We hope that this update demonstrates how serious we are about delivering the high-quality game experience we have promised to you — our community.

See you in the SolChicks Village!

Jun and Ben

The SolChicks Game Development Team

About SolChicks

SolChicks is the fastest growing and largest P2E in the Solana ecosystem, with a team of over 100 members, including a blue-chip game development team who have previously brought to market titles such as MapleStory, PUBG, Dungeon Fighter and Tera, and a business management team from institutions such as Wharton and McKinsey & Company.

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