SolChicks Close Beta Test Launch

3 min readOct 13, 2022


We are pleased to announce that the initial beta version of the SolChicks game will be launched on 15 October at 12pm UTC. The initial beta version will be launched as a closed beta test to be accessible by the SolChicks NFT holders. The closed beta test will be open for 3 days until 18 October, 12pm UTC, and the game will be available on both mobile (Android) and PC. The detailed instruction on how to register is available at

As the purpose of this closed beta test is for the SolChicks NFT holders to have a sneak peek of the game that has been development so far, find bugs and provide feedback, there will not be any blockchain integration in the game yet, meaning the players will not be able to connect their wallet to port their NFTs and earn tokens yet. Instead, each NFT holder will be given a unique log-in information with a username and password and be given random SolChick game characters that the players can use in the game during this 3 day closed beta test period. All progress will be deleted when the test period is over.

This initial beta version of the SolChicks game will feature mainly the PVE story mode for the first three chapters. In the PVE story mode, players will play as the main protagonist Talonyr, and together with his companions embark on an epic journey across Planet Mellow. The battle system in the PVE mode will consist of forming a team of up to five SolChicks, each with active and passive skills that can be used in the battle. The player will need to form the squad strategically by having the right mix of classes and skills to be able to maximize the battle efficiency. The initial three chapters will consist of 50+ stages with 50+ types of monsters, and the players will be required to level up the characters with the gained experience (EXP) and upgrade the characters’ weapons and equipment with the obtained materials in order to advance to the next stages and defeat stronger monsters.

As SolChicks is an RPG game at its core, weapons and equipment that can be obtained by defeating the monsters or by opening the random boxes will be a critical source of power for the SolChicks characters. The primary value of weapons will be the skills that can be bound to the weapons and boosting of the stats of the characters which will promote more varied style of play. In the future, players will be able to mint all the weapons and equipment as NFTs and trade them in the marketplace.

Other important systems that will be featured in the initial beta version include boss battle, elemental attributes, random boxes, feed system and skill system. The skill system will include what we call “Skill Combo” and “Finish Skill” where when the player casts a combination of certain skills in the right sequence, the monster will get critical debuff effects and greater damage.

More detailed guideline on how to receive the log-in information and play the game will be revealed on the SolChicks social channels (Discord, Twitter and Telegram).

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