MetaPlay charity token sale IDO

1 min readDec 5, 2021

You may have seen our recent announcement regarding the cancellation of MetaPlay’s IDO allocation following racist abuse and death threats from Metaplay’s CEO towards our team.

We absolutely do not condone such behavior and were no longer willing to partner with the platform.

We do not want Metaplay’s users to be punished for the conduct of the platform’s CEO and therefore are opening up a whitelist for affected users to purchase tokens directly from SolChicks (sign up here prior to 2pm UTC December 6).

So far we’ve had over 400 + people sign up from MetaPlay.

We will conduct a direct sale later in the week on our website for whitelisted MetaPlay users. Users will be able to purchase our $CHICKS tokens at the same IDO price as all other launchpads ($0.05).

We will be donating the proceeds of MetaPlay contributions to charity. The charity to be donated to will be selected by community vote.

We are also setting up a public address to collect donations which we will donate to an anti-racism charity voted by the community.

The address for this is ERC20/BEP20: 0xA8f3D2722cfa495d8D7D1c1d08Cc01482900D823