Important Announcement — SolChicks Team Tokens

Hi SolChicks Community,

This is Mark, Co-CEO of SolChicks and Catheon Gaming. As the first official statement coming from me, and ahead of the end of the original cliff period for the team tokens, I would like to make an important announcement to the community that we will lock 99% of the 20% team tokens built into the tokenomics for the staffs until the game is fully released around end of this year. We have made this important decision to reinforce that the SolChicks team is committed to the project for the long term and that we remain 100% dedicated to the success of SolChicks.

The current market condition is tough, but regardless of that we will continue developing the fundamentals of SolChicks as we have been, and will come out strong from the current challenging environment and retain our #1 position on Solana. Our game development team has been working persistently and we have a very important next milestone coming up which is the launch of the closed beta service of the main SolChicks game in August, where all SolChicks NFT holders will be able to play and test an early version of SolChicks Saga game.

Lastly, the team is excited for the next release of the NFTs’ utility, being our scholarship system. With the launching of this platform later this week, the development team has taken the time to carefully evaluate this system. We will be making some adjustments to the earning rate in the mini-game in relation to the upcoming scholarship system to reflect the current market prices, and to help fight inflation of token prices. We will continue to evaluate this system as more and more utilities are introduced to the Solchicks game economy.

Kind regards,




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